Ex-ballerina Carrie dances with Broadway stars

Dr Carrie Walsh in her day job

Dr Carrie Walsh in her day job - Credit: Archant

Former ballet dancer Carrie dusts off shoes to dance with Broadway stars

Dr Carrie Walsh, the ballerina

Dr Carrie Walsh, the ballerina - Credit: Archant

A former ballet dancer turned hospital doctor in the US has dusted off her pointe shoes for a virtual performance.

Dr Carrie Walsh, whose family live in Torbay, attended the Royal Ballet School before graduating as an emergency medicine doctor earlier this year.

Now working at Harvard in Boston, as a Harvard affiliated emergency medicine resident, Carrie, whose dad Peter is a Brixham Rotarian, has not forgotten her years as a dancer.

She explained: “I was approached by Dr Dan Egan a fellow resident here at Massachusetts General Hospital to participate in the performance of ‘Bravehearts for Broadway ’to support The Actors Fund, a charity in New York that supports all types of performers from around the world who have been unable to work due to Covid 19.

“I immediately agreed even though I’d been doing 28 hour shifts in the ICU and was about to start 12 consecutive days of day and night shifts.

“Bravehearts for Broadway was broadcast on Playbill.com, YouTube and Facebook at 7pm EST which was midnight in Devon but I know that my friends and family stayed up to the early hours to see the performance.”

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As well as Carrie, a number of Broadway stars took part including stars Ruthie Henshall, Bebe Neuwirth, Brian Stokes and Allyson Tucker.

Carrie also reported that the situation in Boston hospitals was taking them to saturation point due to Covid 19 and patients who have been reluctant to come to the hospital for other conditions because of the pandemic.

But she said the hard working frontline services are coping.

She said:“ I know my apartment here in Boston may not be the Royal Opera House but after eight years of retirement I have put as much effort into this performance as when I have performed for Her Majesty the Queen, the Queen of Denmark and the Queen of Spain.”

Carrie added: “I do hope as many of my friends in Devon will try and view this free performance on YouTube and if feeling generous will make a suitable donation to keep the arts alive, even my cat had a cameo part.”