Fight against coronavirus is a family affair for couple both on duty at Torbay Hospital

Dean Lawler at work at Torbay Hospital

Dean Lawler at work at Torbay Hospital - Credit: Archant

The Lawlers believe in keeping in the family.

The Torbay Weekly has already featured Kelly Lawler, a palliative nurse at Torbay Hospital, as part of our Our Heroes campaign.

But Kelly's husband Dean, a former self-employed plasterer for over 20 years, took on a complete career shift to work in the post room at the hospital, as well as duties as a porter.

'It is a massive change and to be working for the NHS is a huge privilege,' said Dean.

'It is a massive organisation and we are so well looked after. The welcome you get from people is fantastic and everybody is kind; I don't think you work at a hospital if you don't have kindness.

'To go from a building site and the cold weather to an NHS family is very different. I took great pride in my work as a plasterer but this is obviously a completely new environment.'

The journey back to full health for any patient at the Hospital will take them through so many different sectors and it is testament to the wonderful concept of the NHS that every single person in the Hospital is working together for the Torbay community.

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'From within our little sanctum in the Post Room to Portering, we are all in the chain up to those on the frontline; the doctors and nurses doing such a brilliant job,' said Dean.

'There are so many people involved in the stages of hopefully making a patient well again. The cleaning staff, reception, admin, porters, clinical staff, chefs, patient transport, couriers serving the surgeries, everybody working together for that common goal. Without that togetherness, things wouldn't get done. To get any one person healthy again, it must take at least 20 different people all pulling in the same direction.

'The whole hospital is dedicated to helping people and, like everyone, we all hope this situation can end sooner rather than later.

'If we all follow the rules, pull together in the right direction, the NHS, the Government and the public will get things under control.'