Father and son unite to fight on frontline at Torbay Hospital

Dr Yahya Mubashar with his son Dr Tayyib Mubashar, pictured before the introduction of social distan

Dr Yahya Mubashar with his son Dr Tayyib Mubashar, pictured before the introduction of social distancing guidance - Credit: Archant

In a time of unprecedented crisis, the spirit of togetherness is beautifully exemplified by a family fighting on the frontline at Torbay Hospital.

Paediatric consultant Dr Yahya Mubashar has been a doctor for 29 years and now his son Dr Tayyib Mubashar, who graduated from medical school last year, is joining dad in the collective battle against a unique enemy.

For Dr Yahya, it is the solidarity of everyone in the NHS and across the general public that could prove to be our strongest weapon against Covid-19.

'Things are difficult for everyone, it's not only the NHS staff, the general public is finding it difficult as well,' said Dr Yahya.

'I see it as a humble privilege that I am able to stand side-by-side with my professional colleagues and the NHS staff to fight this unseen and little-known enemy. I am humbled and there is a chance for serenity and solidarity through this pandemic.

'In the work environment, we are all united for this common cause and looking out for each other's wellbeing. It is a worrying time for everyone, we worry about our patients, we worry about the impact on everybody.

'It is a completely unprecedented time, something I have never witnessed myself. We came to this country from Pakistan almost 20 years ago and even in my time in Pakistan with very different resources to the UK, we never had this sort of situation or such a crisis in healthcare.'

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The current situation is certainly a baptism of fire for Dr Tayyib but the unified approach displayed by Torbay Hospital is a source of great pride for every single component in a huge chain dedicated to keeping our community safe.

'It is important to state this is an unprecedented event for everybody,' said Dr Tayyib. 'Junior doctors are in the same boat as consultants, none of us have seen something of this extent.

'However, because we are all in the same boat, it has brought a lot of us together. While there was initial bewilderment at the level of the crisis, the NHS and Torbay Hospital are all banding together to stay on top of this.

'I applaud my colleagues and friends in all aspects of the NHS. The porters, domestic staff, cleaners, logistical team, clinicians, everybody involved. We are all working together for the good of patients.'

Dad, Dr Yahya, echoed that collective spirit. 'In this crisis, there is no single hero,' he said. 'NHS staff at all levels are working to keep us safe and our fight against this involves the whole workforce. You cannot fight something you cannot see, on your own. You have to be a team and involve all levels of expertise.'

As we all applaud the wonderful dedication and professionalism of the NHS, this incredible family team expressed their own appreciation for the support being shown by the general public.

'There is a lot of appreciation and thanks from the public,' said Dr Yahya. 'Just a few days ago, somebody in Torbay spent £500 to buy pizzas for every single Ward at the Hospital and they didn't disclose their name, just an act of kindness.

'Similarly, people are donating so much to the Hospital and we would like to thank the general public from the bottom of our hearts. Just as we have seen the public applaud the NHS, we at the NHS applaud the public for their support, for following advice, staying at home and maintaining social distancing.

'This helps us so much to look after patients and dedicate resources to the sickest patients. In my department at the Hospital, we actually did hold an applause for the public because they deserve it.'

At Torbay Weekly, we were honoured to speak with Dr Yahya and Dr Tayyib, two brave professionals in a fantastic team of healthcare staff working in unison across our community.

As a general public, we can play our part in the battle with Covid-19 and following the lockdown rules is the responsibility of everyone, but don't take our word for it, listen to those on the frontline.

'It is an absolute essential instruction for people to follow the guidance,' said Dr Yahya. The consequences of not following the rules would be horrible but I am optimistic the general public will do the right thing to shorten the isolation period.'

The thanks of everyone in Torbay goes out to Dr Yahya Mubashar, Dr Tayyib Mubashar and everyone in the NHS for their amazing courage, dedication and skill.

• Picture taken prior to the introduction of social distancing guidance.