Family in Emmerdale storyline fears

Alice Price-John, a little girl with short, blonde, bob haircut and a big grin

Alice Price-John - Credit: Submitted

A Paignton family is supporting a national Down syndrome awareness charity’s Christmas campaign.
Wouldn’t Change A Thing has brought forward its campaign to coincide with the airing of Emmerdale’s controversial new storyline where the characters decide to terminate a baby upon realising it will be born with Down syndrome. 
Five-year-old Alice Price-John, whose parents Vicky and Leigh run a hotel in Paignton, is involved with the charity having starred in a national campaign a few months ago.  
Alice, who attends mainstream school, is also a model and has modelled for Argos.
Vicky recently rang in to the Jeremy Vine TV programme to discuss the Emmerdale storyline.
She told Torbay Weekly: “I wanted to make the point that Down syndrome is not all negative. 
“Alice is doing really well at school and she’s modelling, there are lots of positives in her life.
“There needs to be more positive re-enforcement and raising awareness that it is OK. 
“I wonder how other Down syndrome people might feel seeing the issue of abortion of a baby with the same condition on TV. 
“Obviously most people are pro choice on abortion but a Down syndrome prognosis has changed completely over the years in a good way.” 
Wouldn’t Change A Thing have said that in light of all of the anger and negativity surrounding this storyline, they wanted to challenge it in a different way and give people in the Down syndrome community something positive to get behind. 
Jamie McCallum, chairman, said: “Our campaigns are intended to challenge the negative outdated misconceptions about Down syndrome among the general public by showing insights into the true lives experienced by families today.
“We know that these negative misconceptions will be a key issue for the characters in this storyline, so this seemed like an appropriate area to shine a light on.”
The Emmerdale storyline has been drawing controversy since it was announced on November 5.
Now this much-needed Christmas awareness campaign will run at the same time.