Former cricket umpire Dave has those eyes sorted at last

Picture of former cricket umpire

Surgery: Former cricket umpire Dave - Credit: Submitted

Former well-known Torbay cricket umpire Dave Moseby was used to players claiming he needed his eyes tested 

Now, a few years after he retired from being out in the middle, that’s just what Dave needed. 

He was diagnosed with an eye condition which required surgery at Torbay Hospital. 

Dave, who lives in Brixham, says: “You could say the old umpire finally has the eye treatment players told him he needed years ago.” 

He has told his story to pay tribute to the medical staff who looked after him. 

He has written to the eye department to say: “I am writing to you to thank your Department for the tremendous care and attention I have received. At a time when we are all grateful for the work done by every NHS member, I am so delighted at the service I have been given on my many visits to your Department.” 

“Covid delayed treatment but I was I was kept informed on a regular basis,” said Dave. 

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 He received a date for surgery on his right eye and wrote: “I was seen by three of your staff for my pre op visit and all tests were done with great care and everything explained in detail.” 

He adds: “My eyesight in my right eye is now remarkable and my quality of life is now enhanced. I am now on the waiting list for the same treatment in my other eye and obviously hope this will be soon but I appreciate the situation you are in.” 

He had particular praise for surgeon Mr Hussien.  

“Thanks again to all your staff for the tremendous attention I have received and in particular to Mr Hussien - he is a gem,” says Dave.