Experienced staff is the next step for Wesup

Experience in the Wesup family

Experience in the Wesup family - Credit: Wesup

The Wesup ethos is based around people having fun, loving life in a coastal environment and embracing the whole paddleboard culture. 
Within that culture, it is the staff who provide the backbone to a wonderful experience and the Wesup team is looking to expand their operation with employees who can bring prior knowledge to the business. 
“One of the things we’ve struggled with is the idea that people feel we’re too trendy or too cool to work for,” said Wesup Founder Sean White. “They are perhaps put off by the fact we’ve got a young team but that’s not just who we are. 
“We do have a young team but Wesup is a friendly, accessible, loving environment. Youngsters have seen the opportunity to become part of something fun but what we actually need now is experience. 
“We want people to help lead the team, people with experience of leading others. The kitchen manager is our most important role we are seeking at the moment and we want people with knowledge in managing a supply chain, developing rotas and getting the very best out of their team. 
“We’re not looking for youngsters, we want experience and knowledge. I see the kitchen manager role as being ideal for someone who has perhaps worked in a school kitchen or catering for a large business. 
“It is a role for someone with experience in managing systems. We have all the processes in place and we just want somebody to help work within those systems, and to help lead the team. 
“It is a perfect opportunity for someone with the maturity to embrace the role. 
“The Wesup idea is for people to find their career within our construct. If people have particular I.T. skills, you can help develop our booking systems, for example. 
“Wesup can create really dynamic jobs for people. We’ve just taken on Helen, who previously worked in a big financial business but she wanted a change in lifestyle, and to work on the beach. 
“We’ve used her fantastic previous skills in admin, alongside her passion for the outdoor life, to create a new role, and that is what we want in a Wesup career.”