Torbay Council gardeners praised for ‘amazing’ wild flower display on Torquay seafront

Wild flowers in Torquay. Photo: Shot by RobWild flowers in Torquay. Photo: Shot by Rob

Torquay’s stunning wildflower display at the Italian gardens on the seafront have been widely praised.

The vast beds which include poppies, calendula and cornflowers were the work of Torbay Council’s gardening team.

Last year, due to financial constraints, the beds had to remain bare.

This year, due to the efforts of Susie Colley, chairman of the Torquay Chamber of Commerce and Margaret Forbes-Hamilton of the Friends of Torre Abbey, the council agreed instead to formal beds, to sow wild flowers.

Head gardener Mark Ilsley used double the quantity of seeds to create such a lavish display.

Susie, who walks her dogs there every day, said: “It’s just phenomenal.

“Everybody loves it, the bees love it, it’s a win win.

“I do hope they will repeat it next year.

“When they were first flowering the scent was amazing.

“It’s a small bit of loveliness among this doom and gloom.”