Amanda's off to a flying start - with a helping hand from the Torbay Weekly

Picture of new estate agent with For Sale sign

Deal done: Amanda Ayshford - Credit: Amanda Ayshford

New local estate agent Amanda Ayshford has got off to a flying start – with a helping hand from the Torbay Weekly. 

Amanda decided to launch her own business in January. She worked with Torbay Weekly’s  Business Development Manager Andy Sexton on a print and digital advertising and marketing campaign which was launched in February. She has already sold her first house and has received numerous instructions for March. 

Amanda says: “I got in touch with Andy Sexton and Danielle Long at the Torbay Weekly who have been extremely helpful to help promote my new branding.  I have been advertising for about three to four weeks and and I have had a number of good enquiries for new business as well as getting recognised by people I know and contact being made that way. I would definitely recommend advertising in this paper to get your name out there in Torbay.” 

The Torbay Weekly knows only too well the challenges of launching a business in a pandemic and what courage and determination that demands so we are delighted to hear of Amanda's success as she becomes part of our developing Property section.  

Andy Sexton said: “It is fantastic to help someone as positive and dynamic as Amanda . Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than seeing our loyal supporters get results as it means that we are reaching the right people and that they are reading our columns."