£25,000 outdoor space for school pupils

Pupils from Ellacombe School play in autumn leaves in their outdoor space

Ellacombe School, Torquay, pupils in their state-of-the-art space - Credit: Archant

Youngsters at Ellacombe Church of England Academy in Torquay are benefitting from a major investment which has provided an exciting new outdoor space.
Thanks to £25,000 additional funding from the Learning Academy Partnership, of which Ellacombe is a member, the school now has a state-of-the-art space to offer their pupils in the early years.
The outdoor space now includes flower beds, bug hotel, artificial grass to cover seating and decking areas, new ‘grass’ fencing and an outdoor kitchen for children to use imaginary play and ‘cooking’.
The new space also offers beautiful new bikes and scooters, which have their own garage and signs and large construction sets.
Inside, the team have designed and created a new ‘home corner’, large role play areas, ‘construction’ sites and finished off the interior with new wooden natural furniture.
New reading chairs that are part of a soft area, aim to encourage reading and language development in the young children.
Parents have reportedly been wowed by the development they see in their children already, and say children are skipping in to school, eager to explore and learn each day.
Reading ‘dens’ have been placed both outside and inside to encourage this crucial area of development.
A school spokesman said: “We designed this space to create a sense of awe and wonder and to stimulate curiosity in the pupils about the natural world.
“Our aim was to engage children in learning through rich experiences including making, constructing and role play, as well as outdoor physical activities, such as bikes, hoops and balls to develop their confidence in motor skills and working together.
“So far these new areas have been a great success with both pupils and parents and we are very excited by the brilliant developments we are seeing in our pupils in such a short space of time.
“The hard work and dedication which went into creating this incredible space over the summer holidays has been worth every moment.
“The pupils really love this space and our ultimate goal of invigorating their learning seems to have been achieved.”