Elizabeth Bray: We have luxury of our #naturallyinspiring Bay

We have luxury of living in Torbay

We have luxury of living in Torbay - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

On the brunt of my last column, as well as beginning a summer job, there has been a key imposter on my mind: money.

Elizabeth Bray

Elizabeth Bray - Credit: Archant

Well, it seems to be the one thing on all minds and the one true thief of society.

Universally, we base our self-value and judge others on their socio-economic status.

Apart from gaining an education, we send children to school from the ages of seven to 18 as preparation and a somewhat form of training for the workplace.

You ask us students and young people even before we can remember, 'what do you want to be when you're older?'. We are conditioned to work and earn money as that, quite simply, is our only necessary survival instinct in a 21st century society - and many still question why the conversation of mental health has become more of a priority!

There is an incredible amount of pressure on young people to achieve career success and yet it is rare to see adults adore their own career.

No rules apply when money becomes the topic and lately, it is the only thing on people's minds. Recent circumstances have led us down a path of juxtaposition: the rate of inflation is rising while employment is declining.

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A family friend mentioned their most-recent dentist appointment in the Bay, on top of the usual fee, charged £33.00 for PPE – personal protective equipment. This is undeniably necessary, although for disposable protective equipment that a majority of is mandatory outside a pandemic, such as facemasks, gloves, etc that a dentist would typically wear, seems like an excessive amount.

My family and I have recently taken our home off the market too. During this process, I've become aware of the whole ordeal of mortgages, the cost of properties and so on and it has led me to the conclusion that fundamentally, this is an impossible world for us young people.

Movies like 'Failure to Launch' may soon become a biography. We cannot possibly afford this ideal life that is constantly advertised by the celebrities we adore, or the home DIY Instagram pages we follow, or the travel lifestyle blogs.

One luxury of living in the 'naturally inspiring' Bay is that it aids in chasing away this disconnection: people visit Torbay for holidays, to escape from the cities and we have the luxury of having it right on our doorstep.