Elizabeth Bray: A day in the life of a South Devon College student before lockdown

Elizabeth Bray, columnist for the Torbay Weekly

Elizabeth Bray, columnist for the Torbay Weekly - Credit: Archant

Before lockdown I would begrudgingly dismiss my 6.30am alarm, squirm under my cosy covers and desperately wish for five more minutes in bed.

Missed: The alarm clock wake-up call before Lockdown

Missed: The alarm clock wake-up call before Lockdown - Credit: Getty Images

Before lockdown I would tie my shoelaces, that were in definite need of a good clean, at 8am and at 8.10am I would begin my walk to Paignton bus station - because we all need ten minutes to double-loop shoelaces.

I knew when I saw the middle-aged man in the grey coat walking his two Dalmatians, or if I passed the rather short man in the athleisure or, heard the alarm of the train station barriers closing, I was on time to catch the 22.

Before lockdown, I would always dread the 22 bus. It was a common double-decker bus, with its stall at the very end of the station and it seemed to be the most popular at this time in the morning: if you timed it wrong, you would be enjoying the next 20 minutes shoulder-to-shoulder with half of the student body.

Before lockdown, I would meet my rather effervescent friend, Brandon, on the 22, where he never failed to save me a seat on the lower deck.

Alarm clock

Alarm clock - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

To start your morning right, some people have coffee, or a healthy breakfast. For me, I have Brandon.

I religiously listen to music in the morning and my earphones are cemented until Brandon and I reunite with the rest of the team, Ella and Leah, in the Greenhouse Café, bottom floor, at the bench under the umbrella.

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Before lockdown, in a bid to eat healthier, I would order a 'kale kick' smoothie and a vegan raspberry croissant at the café and continue onto my first lesson of the day.

Wednesdays and Thursdays were my favourite mornings, that was history with Danni (specifically with an 'i' and not a 'y'). I had a free period after this lesson too, with Ella, on a Wednesday – this was usually the most convenient time to schedule a driving lesson.

Although, aside from the driving, it was also the most convenient time to have some great chatter!

Before lockdown, I would trudge in between one-hour-and-20-minute lessons, where I listened to Dave blustering on about why the Green Party is underappreciated and how Michael Foot is a Plymouth hero, or listen to Darran teach us about Aquinas' fifth way, always anticipating for the clock to tell me I could go home. This was the only time I did not apprehend the 22.

After lockdown, I now long to see that man walking his two large Dalmatians, to dread the early morning rush on the 22, a 'kale kick' smoothie, Brandon, Ella, Leah, Dave, and Danni.

Looking back, I did not 'begrudgingly' roll out of bed, nor did I trudge between classes. Going to South Devon College was the best part of my day.

Having structure taken away from our day, makes us realise how glorious those mundane tasks are... who would have guessed we would reject five more minutes in bed?