Easter message of hope from Pastor Tim Smith at Torquay’s Hele Road Baptist Church

Pastor Tim Smith from Hele Road Baptist Church in Torquay

Pastor Tim Smith from Hele Road Baptist Church in Torquay - Credit: Archant

Easter Sunday has been a very different experience for everyone this year but the message of hope will keep us strong, keep us together and bring the belief of a brighter tomorrow.

Hele Road Baptist Church in Torquay

Hele Road Baptist Church in Torquay - Credit: Archant

Bay Heroes come from all corners of our community and on Easter Sunday, we hand over the platform to Pastor Tim Smith from Hele Road Baptist Church:

'The first thing to say is 'Happy Easter Torbay', said Tim.

'As Christians, the Easter weekend is the highlight of our calendar and it is obviously very strange this year.

'Normally, we would meet together and it goes without saying this is the first time in my 30 years of working in the church community that we have not been able to celebrate Easter in the traditional fashion as a congregation.

'It is a very different experience for everybody because Easter Sunday is a celebration. Good Friday is a more solemn occasion as we remember the sacrifice of Jesus and then we look forward to the resurrection on Easter Sunday.

'In the Christian faith, the resurrection is a day that changed everything. It is obviously a shame we are not able to be together in a church today but the message of hope that comes with Easter is perhaps even more important this year.

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'We are a small fellowship at Hele Road Baptist Church and we produce a weekly church news, which is sent to our congregation by email or delivered through the letterbox.

'On Easter Sunday, we are encouraging people to engage in worship within their own homes and to celebrate the resurrection.'

As we celebrate Easter Sunday across Torbay, the ongoing ambition for Tim, and people across all faiths, is to help the community stay connected.

For his fellowship, Tim is working daily to ensure his congregation have all their essential needs to come through the crisis safely and with that hope for the future.

'As a pastor, I try to keep in touch with all our congregation through the current crisis,' said Tim. 'The telephone is so important during these strange times and enables us to stay connected.

'There are around 60 people in our fellowship and we have a very strong community spirit, staying in touch and looking out for each other.

'I take the opportunity to collect food, prescriptions and any essential goods for people in the fellowship. I can leave it on their doorstep and then we talk at a safe distance to make sure they are alright and have everything they need.

'I see my job at the moment as keeping people connected, be a voice at the end of the phone and to encourage everyone to talk with each other as much as possible.

'One of the descriptions of God given by the Apostle Paul in the book of Romans in the New Testament tells us that He is a God of Hope. Paul prays for believers that they may overflow with hope'.

'It is the message of hope that we bring to people at Easter, the idea of looking forward with hope, putting our trust in God to bring hope for a better future.

'A lot of people are understandably nervous and concerned about the current situation we all face but the message of hope remains. God will never leave us and will replace our fear with hope.'

Happy Easter Torbay.