Rugby coaches tackle rubbish dump with tug-of-war tactic

Volunteers after a rubbish clean up

The clean-up team - Credit: Submitted

When you need some rubbish cleared, who you gonna call? Torquay’s rugby coaches. 

They came to the rescue and helped local resident Dave Snow clean up rubbish, including fridges and freezers, dumped at a Torquay beauty spot. 

Dave was spotted collecting the rubbish which had been tipped over the edge of Ansteys Cove Road.  It had been lying down in the steep undergrowth between the path from Walls Hill and the road down to the beach.  

Dave had arranged council collection - if he could get it all to a collectable spot.  He had no hope of moving the big items alone so in came the Torquay Athletic Rugby Football junior coaches after a shout out for help. 

Tug-of-war team clearing dumped rubbish

Tug-of-war team in action - Credit: Submitted

Soon a gang of half a dozen volunteers did their Tug of War Rope trick and with a few big heaves, the rubbish was moved into the car park, stacked ready for collection. 

One of the coaches said: “The rugby community prides itself hugely on developing moral values, respect and strength of character.    We are a community club and this was an opportunity for us to help someone in need, serve our community and show a bit of an example in the face of the moral disgrace that is fly-tipping.    Also, after long rugby careers, what we may now lack in surviving braincells, we can still make up for in brawn.” 

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