Championing stunning Dartmoor - and its famous ponies

Landscape picture of Dartmoor and ponies

Stunning Dartmoor and its ponies - Credit: Malcolm Snelgrove.

The Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust has galloped into 2021 with a new website making it easier for its valued supporters to keep up to date with and understand the charity’s crucial work in securing the future of native Dartmoor Ponies.The charity provides innovative education and conservation opportunities so that everyone can learn more about the plight of moorland ponies and its crucial role in Dartmoor’s ecology.

Picture of Dartmoor ponies

Famous Dartmoor ponies - Credit: Malcolm Snelgrove.

Founder Dru Butterfield explained: “The work we do at the DPHT is very wide and varied, from our conservation projects with the ponies at Bellever, to our work at our headquarters at Parke where the ponies are used for educational purposes, to Dartmoor ponies being sent all over the country for important conservation projects."The website also features stunning photography by the charity’s patron Malcolm Snelgrove.

Picture of Dartmoor pony

Dartmoor pony in all its glory - Credit: Malcolm Snelgrove.

Opportunities to adopt the ponies are taking centre stage on the new website.Visit