Torbay's adopted cruise ships welcome in New Year with blast of horns

A picture of cruise ships anchored off Torbay

The cruise ships who have become part of Torbay's community - Credit: Paul Ward

Torbay ushered in 2021 – led by the flotilla of cruise ships anchored just off the English Riviera. 

As midnight struck the clear sky was lit up with a colourful display of fireworks from all corners of the Bay. 

Then it was the turn of the cruise ships, who have been taken in by the people of Torbay and have become part of the community since the sleeping giants started parking in the safe waters of the Bay not long after the pandemic began. 

They sounded their horns in unison to say good riddance to 2020 and hallo to a hopefully happier and healthier 2021. 

The blasts rumbled through the resort and could be heard for miles around. 

One post on Facebook said: “Wasn't that a wonderful cacophony of sound coming from the cruise ships in the Bay at Midnight last night.” 

And another said: “At one level a mundane sounding of horns. At another level a different perspective of a unique event in Torbay, during a very sad time, that will be remembered for decades at least both on land and I suspect by those on the ships. Very best wishes for the future to all.”