Rescue teams in Torbay cruise ship 'casualty' operation

A tender from a cruise ship at Torquay harbour

Rescue teams and the cruise ship tender at Torquay harbour - Credit: Torbay coastguard rescue team

A crew member from one of the cruise ships off Torbay was at the centre of an emergency services operation. 

Coastguards alerted the Torbay Coastguard Rescue Team to help with the medical evacuation of the casualty off the Holland America Line's Zaandam from Torquay harbour on Friday night. 

A post from the team said: “On arrival we were notified that the Zaandam tender was due into the harbour at approximately 7.30pm. 

“This gave the team a fair amount of time to prepare for its arrival. As standard procedure when working within the harbour area we got into life jackets and took our throw lines and extra lighting down on to the boarding pontoon to await the tender’s arrival. 

“When the tender had come along side and the team had assisted in securing the tender a member of the team made contact with the ship’s senior nurse who had accompanied the casualty for a hand over.  

“As we were waiting for an ambulance to arrive we kept the casualty in the comfort of the tender.  

“When the ambulance arrived, the crew escorted the casualty to the ambulance for further treatment. “ 

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The operation was described as ‘very professional and calm by all concerned’. 

The rescue team added: “The crew of the tender/ship were a pleasure to work with under the circumstances.  

“As we waited for the ambulance it was nice to have a moment to get to know them and get an insight as to how life is onboard (all whilst conforming with COVID protocol).  

“They also mentioned and sent their thanks again to the people of Torbay for the Christmas surprises sent to them and how welcomed it was.”