Couple’s special return to Torquay for Then and Now photograph - 43 years on

Deja vue – 43 years on!

A couple who holidayed in Torquay in 1977 have returned to exactly the same spot for a ‘Then and Now’ photograph 43 years later.

Shaun and Glenys Colborn were holidaying in Cornwall recently when they decided to take a quick trip across the county border to set up a picture outside what was the guest house where they stayed all those years ago.

Shaun says: “It was summer 1977 - to be exact August 8 - and the Radio One Roadshow, presented by Paul Burnett, was on Torre Abbey meadows.

“My girlfriend at the time posed for a picture on the steps outside the B and B.

“The photo was always special as it was our first holiday together. She was nearly 18 and I was 20.”

Shaun said the number on the picture was 28. “It was obviously the place where we stayed but I couldn’t remember the street name,“ said Shaun.

Google maps to the rescue. Shaun looked for the Babbacombe area.

“Then it came back to me - Perinville road,” he said.

The couple have been married for 42 years and have two children and five grandchildren.

They were on holiday in St Austell when Shaun decided to retrace their steps from more than four decades ago.

Shaun, a photographer by trade and from Barnsley in Yorkshire, says: “The urge to recreate that picture led me to do a 130-mile round trip across the Tamar Bridge and into Devon.”

He added: “We are now both in our 60s. We wonder where the years went.”

His closing remark on the lovely story? “Thanks to 28 Perinville Road!”

Have you ever thought about doing a Then and Now photograph? Could be great fun and would certainly bring those memories flooding back. Go on, why not have a go. Just send a decent-sized photograph and some details of where and why it was taken to and we will do the rest.