Sally Allen: Come on chaps, man up!

Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds with their dog Dilyn

Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds with their dog Dilyn - Credit: PA:Press Association

I think society has changed so much over the last 30 years to be almost unrecognisable.

Most of the changes are good, but some are very bad and that concerns me very much for the future generations.

All discrimination in any form is appalling and unforgiveable, be it sexual, racial, religious, age or socio-economic. We are after all, all human beings.

But in this ‘woke’ world where many take offence where none is meant, I feel a sense of humour is sadly missing to a dangerous degree. 

For years women have been discriminated against, over-looked and bullied and the balance has, to a degree, now been redressed. 

However, as an example of us all bending over just that bit too far, there is no man even on the short-list to take over from the incomparable John Humphrys as the quiz master on Mastermind.

I think this is fundamentally wrong as there is no balance without competition – and the best should win, not a quota! Quotas do not mean equality. 

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There are lots of experiences that I could have done without over the years, including attempted rape, but I had no problem being called all sorts of names when I lived in the Caribbean.

We all laughed, and it was great craic. Banter is good and productive in getting know each other better. Insults to hurt or stir passions are dreadful, dangerous, and unforgiveable.

Are we really too stupid to know the difference? It appears that those moulding our society today think we are. 

There are two interesting and public relationships at the moment which seem to have lost their balance.

One is Boris and Carrie. I, for one, did not vote for Carrie, and yet I suggest she appears to have staggering influence over her other half and, therefore, to me the team that is running the country. This cannot be healthy or right in my opinion. 

It is even rumoured that Dilyn, the dog, is also now responsible for problems in relationships between political colleagues!

The other relationship is, of course, Harry and Megan. When the interview takes place with Oprah Winfrey, I understand that it will mostly be with Megan and Harry playing a very small role as a bit of an afterthought. 

I agree 100 per cent with supporting your partner in their endeavours and dreams but everything should work both ways.

As an example, look back to the relationship between Maggie and Denis Thatcher. Denis could not have been more supportive of his extremely strong partner but he also didn’t lose his own identity.

I had the pleasure of knowing him and he was most definitely his own man and fought many battles for Maggie behind the scenes.

The danger with men taking a step back is that they can appear weak and ineffectual.

I know that it is a difficult balance, but if a relationship does fall out of kilter, even if it seems at the time for sound reasons, it can make the weaker of the two look like they have a metaphorical thumb print on the top of their heads.

We all need to thrive on an equal platform. Sadly, I believe in Harry’s case he seems to have lost out on this and he is unlikely to be able to redress the balance anytime soon.

However, I am hopeful that Boris, without the scarring of family tragedy that Harry carries with him, will pick up the reins again in the not-too-distant future and, at the very least, ban Dilyn from all Government meetings!