New nightclub boss: 'I believe in Bay'

Picture of new nightclub team

Club line-up (left to right), Adam Hamade (co-owner), Dec B (DJ and Promotions Manager), Kirsti Garnet-Thomas (co-owner) and Maya Pinteric (Bar Manager). - Credit: Blanchard Media

Plans for a new night club for Torquay creating 50 new jobs, are quietly gathering momentum as building work continues on the harbourside site.  

The Quay Club is also proposing to offer its guests a Safe Path Home scheme that features a marshalled taxi service. 

“Not everyone is down in the dumps about lockdown’ says club co-owner Adam Hamade. “I absolutely believe in the Bay and we’re forging ahead with some exciting plans.  If I didn’t think the future was bright, we wouldn’t be doing this.  Our aim is to offer something special and different to the night time economy, plus new jobs which are vital for local people. 

“I’m sure a lot of people think I’m mad doing this, but I think we all have to start looking beyond lockdown.” 

Plans include a Safe Path Home scheme, in which the club will fund marshals and liaise with local taxi companies to ensure guests leave the premises in a safe and controlled way.  

The 50 jobs at the new venue –  once the 400 club - would include everything from bar staff, to supervisors, teams of security, taxi marshals and cleaners.  

Yorkshire-born Adam fell in love with Torbay’s magic about 15 years ago as a young holidaymaker and club goer.  

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He said: “I loved the weather and the amazing nights out in this club. The memory lingered on. That’s why I moved here.  The weather’s stayed the same but sadly the club, in its former existence, closed.   

“I’m very aware of the legacy that this building has. This is the ballroom where iconic bands have played over the decades.  It’s been the film set of a number of films as well as a place where many people met their future partners.  I know we’ve taken on a very important legacy for Torquay as well as a business. 

“When we took on the building it was very dilapidated, but we have worked hard to restore most of its wonderful architectural features.  It may seem a difficult time to launch a new night club but I’ve been surprised and delighted at the support I’ve received from friends and colleagues in the trade. We’re determined to make this business a success not just for locals and holidaymakers, but to provide a massive benefit to the local economy.”