Happy to share mum Brenda's little touch of Christmas humour

Brenda Russell, an 82-year-old mum from Paignton

Brenda Russell who has been making her own Christmas cards - Credit: Pic: Submitted

The Torbay Weekly is all about celebrating people and the things they do – no matter how big or small. 

So, when Marilyn Hobby contacted us with a request regarding her 82-year-old mum Brenda Russell we were happy to oblige 

Marilyn wrote: “My Mum is Brenda Russell. She is 82. She used to run a lady's clothes shop in Beckenham Kent. About 30 years ago she came to Paignton and here she has worked in a book shop and clothes shop. She stopped working about three or four years ago. 

“She has been designing her own Christmas cards through this Pandemic and although has been an awful time and still is, her cards express a nice and harmless humour and I thought it would be nice to share. And it would, of course, make my mums day.” 

Your wish is our command. Happy Christmas Brenda and Marilyn