Chess International Master keeps up with news from home with the Torbay Weekly

Chess International Master Gary Lane has signed up to the digital edition of the Torbay Weekly from

Chess International Master Gary Lane has signed up to the digital edition of the Torbay Weekly from his home in Sydney, Australia - Credit: Archant

Former Churston Grammar School pupil and Torquay United fan Gary Lane subscribes to the digital version of the Torbay Weekly from his home in Australia.

And, in his spare time, Gary happens to be an International Master in chess. He has competed regularly in the Chess Olympiads, won the Commonwealth Chess Championships in 1987 and has written more than 30 books on chess.

Gary also appeared in the 1980s ITV documentary on chess, ‘To Kill a King’, but his true passion from back Down Under is catching up on news from home.

“My mum, Jean Lane, worked for Torbay News in the 1980s and the great thing about the Torbay Weekly is finding out what is going on and knowing exactly the locations when articles refer to such things as the zoo or the local theatres,” he said.

“As a fan of Torquay United, Dave Thomas’s reporting is always insightful and I also subscribed to the Inside the Gulls series, while Roger Mann’s quirky sports stories are certainly worth a look. The digital version online has the same look as the normal paper, making it easy to read on the bus or train.

“At Churston Grammar, the one thing I remember was that the school was very keen on basketball. The comedian Andy Parsons was a couple of years below me and I saw him in a couple of plays. I was also at school with Mark Loram, the brilliant TUFC player.

“After university, I lived for some time in Belgium as a professional chess player but kept coming back to the Bay as I have family here and by Eurostar it is so easy. In 2000, I went to the Olympics in Sydney, one thing led to another and I ended up marrying an Australian, which explains why I am based in Sydney.

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“I was back in Torbay as recently as March and, ironically, attended Torquay United’s last home game before the suspension of football.”

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