For more than 70 years, Young Devon has been working tirelessly to change the odds in favour of young people.

Young DevonYoung Devon

Established in 1949, Young Devon has grown steadily to become one of Devon’s most successful charities for young people, supporting more than 3,000 individuals each year, transforming lives and providing critical help at a time when young people need it most.

A team of more than 250 staff, volunteers and hosts ensure that each week:

• 150 young people receive accommodation and homelessness support

• 100 young people improve their mental health

• 60 young people, who are victims of crime, receive mentoring support

• 140 young people are supported by the skills team to access employment and training.

“The core of all our work at Young Devon is building good quality relationships between young people and trusted adults,” said Andy Moreman, Young Devon chief executive.

“This allows us to work alongside young people and address the issues that are most important to them and find ways to work together to change the odds in their favour.”

The ambition for Young Devon is to continually adapt in growing services that are in demand for the next generation of young people, such as mental health provision, an area clearly identified that benefits young people with early support.

The mental health services allow young people to work through their concerns and meet others from their age group working through solutions to similar struggles.

Young Devon also wants to grow its housing support by finding more families willing to sign up to become a host for a young person who needs support and a stable place to stay.

A big part of the future will be to welcome communities across Devon and beyond to be to be part of the Young Devon success story.

By becoming a supporter, donating or volunteering, anyone can help. To find out more, log on to or call 01752 691511.