Cat rescue activity around the Bay

Doris, one of the many cats rescued in Torbay

Doris, one of the many cats rescued in Torbay. - Credit: Feline Network

We are fortunate locally to have a few good rescues, working independently, and together when necessary to further the help and rescue offered to any cat In need.

Rescues all work a little differently and offer spaces and care for different kinds of cat, for example some offer space for the un-neutered abandoned tom cats, who end up usually in a sorry state, and often get rescued too late, because everyone thinks it is someone else’s cat. Someone else’s problem.

A lot of people brought cats during the last lockdown, meaning we will now be seeing litters from those kittens adopted then, some will end up for sale on places like Facebook and Gumtree with an uncertain future.

There are many groups campaigning for a stop to animals being brought and sold on  social media sites, many end up in horrific homes, used as dog bait, used to produce and sell litter after litter to make money, or just abandoned on the streets to get run over or starve.  

Rescue groups will try to help, but we always urge people not to leave it too late.

If you see a cat looking bedraggled and poorly it is likely there is no home for them to return to.  Pop a paper collar on them and see if you get a response. 

And call us, we can all advise on how to proceed. Numbers below if you need them.

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Because of the lockdowns rescues are limited as to what they can do, inasmuch as home checks and people visiting to meet our cats, some of this can be done via internet interaction. 

All rescues will ask you if your landlord allows you to keep pets, because many instances have occurred where rescues have to take cats back because when the landlord found out they were made to return the animal. This is heart-breaking all round.  

Please do support your local cat rescues, even if it is buying the odd tin of food, offering to help with fostering, working in charity shops once they open, or arranging your own fundraiser for them! 

We appreciate all the help and support we get.

To contact a cat rescue in Torbay, call Feline Network on 01803 392550 or Hectors House outreach on 07720 969 525.