Cat care – getting the basics right

Monty was recently rehomed by the Feline Network

Monty was recently rehomed by the Feline Network - Credit: Archant

At Feline Network all cats leaving us for their new homes are vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, and treated for worms and fleas by the vet.

Microchipping is a permanent way of identification, administered by an implanter and holds your contact info and cats’ details.

It is essential to update these details if you move or change your number. The Feline Network has found cats who they cannot reunite because the details are out of date. Microchipping takes seconds!

Neutering is essential, to stop females having litter after litter, and males who are unneutered are more likely to fight for territory and females, become injured and pick up diseases such as FIV.

Cats can be neutered at three months old if they weigh enough at that time.

The first vaccinations should be given to kittens from eight weeks of age. This timing is important - too early and the antibodies they receive from their mother will interfere with the immune response to the vaccine, preventing it from working properly. Too late and kittens will be left susceptible to infection.

Two vaccines are given, three to four weeks apart. Giving vaccines twice ensures a satisfactory immunity.

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A booster vaccine should be given one year later to keep immunity high. Cats living without other cat companions in an indoor only home do not need further vaccinations.

Fleas and worms are the bane of cat owners’ lives!

Fleas live on the cat for about 20 per cent of the time, so the rest of the time they are in your home.

It is important to start flea treatment when you first get the cat, it is best to get this from a vet, not from supermarkets. So many cats have become ill and even died from some of these treatments.

Most flea treatments are monthly but can vary up to six months. If you get an infestation you need to treat the home as well.

Worming needs to be done three monthly and only with a treatment from your vet.

All these things will make for a happy cat – and a happy owner!