Cars and vans will continue to be necessary in our part of the world

Man in protective suit with mask disinfecting inside car, wipe clean surfaces

Staff at Vospers have reacted quickly to the continuous changes that have been thrust upon us - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

I would like to share with you a message my son and I sent to all our team to say thank you at the end of this very difficult year:

As we approach Christmas and the end of the most challenging year of our lives, Nick and I would like to share with you our thoughts and thanks.

As a team you have been outstanding. You have reacted quickly to the continuous changes that have been thrust upon us and supported us in the actions we took to keep both you and our customers confident and safe at Vospers.

You have worn masks, worked behind screens, regularly washed or sanitised your hands, used PPE equipment in vehicles, worn gloves, helped customers find their way around one way systems, kept socially distant, worked from home, stayed at home under the furlough scheme and returned promptly when required, attended to customers with specific concerns and did your job to keep Vospers going.

Sadly, we are still not out of the pandemic but there is optimism out there with the arrival of the vaccine and if we follow the rules and act sensibly, we will return to a better life in 2021.

For all your support and commitment we thank you sincerely and we wish you and your families a happy Christmas, understanding it will be different.

Please take care and stay safe as the last people you want to hurt are those who you love and love you the most.

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We will ask you to test yourselves on your return to work for the safety of your colleagues, customers and family members, and reduce the risk of transmission at work avoiding business disruption or worse closure.

Thanks to your efforts we are receiving some very positive feedback from customers about the high standards of safety experienced in our dealerships.

Our directors and managers have done a brilliant job of balancing demand with resource and will have to continue doing this in the first quarter of 2021.

There has been increased positivity from the changes in leadership in sales and aftersales and we have the support of our bank and other funders.

Sadly, the fall in the market has led to some redundancies, however less than many other businesses in our industry and we are optimistic the Government will get the economy going again.

Cars and vans will continue to be necessary in our part of the world and with the progress of new technology and the move to electric, we expect the market to recover. 

As a result of this in 2021 we will make significant investment in charging infrastructure. 

With a great range of products if we continue to look after our customers and make their experience of dealing with Vospers a great one, we can face the future with confidence.

So thank you again, and if you have a problem remember a problem shared is a problem halved. The company has given a donation this year of £10,000 to Ben who provide support to motor industry workers with financial hardship and mental health issues which may be needed during the pandemic. 

Please see the link in the covering email to provide more details of the support that Ben can offer or contact HR for more information. We have also made many improvements to our new employee benefits package.

So have fun with your families, stay safe and enjoy the break. You can be proud of the way you met the challenges of this exceptional year. 

Nick and I applaud your efforts and thank you for your support. 

Please join me on January 7, 2021.