Canine Chat: Rehome a graceful greyhound

Dachshund Reba with her rescue greyhound friend

Dachshund Reba with her rescue greyhound friend - Credit: Archant

I'm sure lots of us have read about the escalating prices of puppies during lockdown.

It's now reached quite ridiculous levels with some breeders of pure breeds, designer crossbreeds and all the other various concoctions now regularly charging £2,000 to £3,000 a pup!

However, being unable to stump up such an eye-watering sum, especially in these turbulent and uncertain times, shouldn't preclude you from being a dog owner.

Last week, when walking to Torquay, I got speaking to a lovely lady who had given a home to two elegant rescue greyhounds.

Her dogs were impeccably behaved, quiet and obviously adored by their owner and it got me thinking, why don't more people consider giving a home to a greyhound?

Firstly, I think a lot of people are under the misapprehension that such a racy looking dog must need an exhaustive amount of exercise.

However, you couldn't be more wrong!

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They only need two walks a day and then can quite happily spend the rest of the day lazing around the home.

Another myth, and one that has surely prejudiced many a greyhound's hope of finding a new home, is that they can't get along or be trusted with other pets.

Several years ago, a certain celebrity vet stated that they were untrustworthy with smaller dogs... an erroneous statement that was thankfully swiftly challenged by the lovers of this beautiful, and often horribly mistreated, dog.

Now, undoubtedly there can be rogue examples in this breed as there can be in all other breeds, but the vast majority of greyhounds can, and do, easily settle down to a quiet domestic life easily accepting other dogs, both large and small.

A previous neighbour of mine also rehomed two ex-racing greyhounds and they became the adored walking companions of my dachshund, Reba – these two noble dogs stoically put up with all kinds of indiscretions on the part of my cheeky sausage dog!

So, if you are looking for a low-maintenance, laid-back and affectionate companion, look no further than the graceful greyhound.

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