Canine Chat: Peace of mind when buying a puppy

Ludo, the cocker spaniel puppy

Ludo, the cocker spaniel puppy - Credit: Archant

So, you want a puppy?

I try to avoid TV shows like Love Island and the exploits of their so-called 'stars' like the plague! However, the awful story of two of its previous contestants - Mollie-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury's - importing a little Pomeranian puppy from Russia that died after just six days was hard to avoid recently as it was splashed all over the tabloids.

Hopefully, some good will come out of this tragic tale and will shine a spotlight on the shameful importation of tiny puppies from overseas and the dreadful puppy trafficking that, despite years of campaigning, continues to flourish.

If you're ready for a puppy, there are several very simple ways to avoid having the same miserable experience as the Love Island couple and - by not helping to fund it - you'll also be doing your bit to stamp out this cruel trade.

If you want a pedigree puppy make sure your first port of call is with the Kennel Club.

Its website lists all the dos and don'ts of buying a puppy.

It only advertises KC-registered puppies and also allows access to a free 'find a puppy' service, assured breeders and every breeder who advertises on the site is expected to adhere to a strict code of ethics.

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If you would prefer a cockerpoo or Labradoodle puppy, I would advise you to only buy a pup from responsible breeders recommended by their respective clubs.

The Cockerpoo Club of GB has a list of approved breeders; these have all been CCGB inspected, adhere to minimum health testing requirements and have signed up to the CCGB code of ethics.

The UK Doodle Club also lists reputable breeders who have agreed to abide by a strict code of ethics and have carried out all the necessary health checks on the parents before breeding.

By only going through these recommended portals when buying a puppy, you can lessen your chances of encountering the wicked puppy farmers, traffickers and countless other pitfalls.

And, through the code of ethics and puppy contract, you will also have peace of mind.

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