Call to Torbay Coronavirus Community Helpline top 6,000

Torbay Coronavirus Community Helpline

Torbay Coronavirus Community Helpline - Credit: Archant

Calls to the Torbay Community Coronavirus Helplines have smashed through the 6,000 mark as more people reach out for help.

The frequency of the calls is beginning to slow but teams of five who staff the lines from 8am to 8pm seven days a week are still dealing with more than an average of 130 a day and issues being dealt with are becoming more complex as the lockdown begins to affect mental health and the strains begin to show in relationships.

In Brixham, staff from Brixham Does Care have so far helped 107 people with shopping, collected 387 prescriptions, and in the last week alone have supported 252 people on the phones and even delivered fish and chips to families and individuals.

Hundreds of volunteers are also now helping their neighbours and more than 700 matches have been made between those in need of help and those offering help and it is hoped they continue to support each other.