Busy bank holiday down at the cove

Fishcombe Cove over the bank holiday weekend.

Fishcombe Cove over the bank holiday weekend. - Credit: Fishcombe Cove Cafe

And just like that we are in September!

It doesn’t feel like it as just five minutes ago I sat here typing about how summer was just around the corner, and within the blink of an eye, July and August have zoomed past us.

Summer granted us the most freedom we have seen in over a year, the warmer weather we all wanted - although quite frankly, it could’ve been a degree or two warmer - and a lot more visitors in our lovely Bay, despite what you may think about our roads being a little heavier with traffic, or maybe the sheer amount of people who have taken to walking in the road rather than pavements - if you have recently driven around Brixham harbour you will know exactly what I mean.

Either way, we've seen the streets full and bustling and our restaurants and pubs to full capacity and money being put back into our economy, most importantly spent in our beautiful seaside towns.

Last weekend, we saw August bank holiday. To most people this resonates with the two words, Dartmouth Regatta.

Ever since I was a young girl, the regatta was the finale of the summer holidays.

We would watch the Red Arrows whiz over our heads with such speed you could feel it shake the ground, the sound of music in the streets, the rowing competitions and of course, the crème de la’ crème’ to such an event... the firework display!

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It’s always a wonderful way to mark the end of the busiest weekends of the year for Dartmouth.

I didn’t get the chance to cross the river this year, but from what I could see via photos it looked as epic as ever.

Instead, we had a full, packed week at the Fishcombe Cove Café.

It started on Wednesday when we saw the busiest burger night we could of ever expected. I know I said this last time, but it keeps getting busier and busier.

Due to having a temporary event notice we were able to sell alcohol over the week, which started on our burger night.

We put a groovy playlist on, and everyone gathered for a chilled beer and a burger while watching the sunset across Torbay. 

Friday evening was just as wonderful as we had local singer and songwriter Jack Wotton bring his guitar down to celebrate and announce the launch of his EP, Light in the Waves - available on Spotify.

Not only was Fishcombe Cove busy with a few crowds gathering but paddleboarders also joined us to watch Jack perform - not a bad way to enjoy live music!

I roped my mum in to help cook up a big dish of paella, made with mussels from Elberry Farm and we turned the café in to a bar for the evening.

Paella, beers and live music – a great collaboration of events to start off the bank holiday weekend.  

Before we knew it, Saturday came around and it was time for our annual fundraiser for the public toilets here at Fishcombe.

Last year, we hosted bingo on the beach to raise funds for the public toilet block after Torbay Council closed them. This time round, we decided to try a quiz night on the beach instead.  

We created 40 questions, myself and Rosie switched on the microphones and presented a quiz night.

Four rounds, four categories, plus a beach of 50 or so people gathered in their teams while Rosie and I hosted the event: microphone in one hand, questions in the other, sometime replaced with a beer. 

Helping us out in the kitchen that evening, we had the lovely David Durant from Grove Woods Pizza, who cooked up the most delicious, fresh, homemade pizzas for people to indulge in.

Meanwhile, we had the wonderful Emilia at the bar pouring the drinks for everyone.

All in all it was an absolutely lovely night, we raised at least £100 for tickets alone, and from the amount of people who have asked, it looks like it won’t be the last quiz night we do!

Before we had chance to blink, it felt like Sunday had come along, after a busy beach day at the café it was back for 6pm for the finale of the bank holiday events, the Seal Talk.

We have hosted many of these with our friends at the Seal Project and each time the event is full of people eager to learn about the grey seals we are lucky enough to see daily here in Torbay.

From learning about what to do if you are swimming one pops up next to you, how to spot the difference between a male and female seal, their life and what the Seal Project do to protect these beautiful creatures, all topics are covered in these Seal Talk event.

Monies raised from ticket sales goes towards the Seal Project too.

It wouldn’t be a Seal Talk if I didn’t ask my parents, once again, to light up the barbecue so we could all enjoy a barbecue burger throughout the event - despite the wind that picked up in the evening.

This particular talk was sponsored by Devon and Moor. If you are interested in coastal walking tours, or maybe driving tours up on the moors, then please email Nigel at explore@devonandmoor.com for more information. Their tours look really amazing!  

And here we have it, almost the end of the summer holidays. Just a few more days left before children return to school and things will start to quieten down a little bit.

If I am honest, I feel a sense of relief knowing that the busy rush of summer is drawing to an end. Myself, just like many others who have been working in catering and hospitality, have quite literally jumped on the ‘work’ treadmill and turned up the speed up high since restrictions eased earlier this year.

When you add a ‘pingdemic’ with isolations and a slice of nice weather to the equation, you have yourself some very tired people here in Torbay, particularly those who are working in catering and hospitality - so please be extra kind to those who serve you next time you are out and about, I don’t think we’ve ever known anything quite like it.     

I’m off to sleep for a week or two, catch you in a fortnight’s time!