New business lifeline for Bay’s self-employed

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Tradespeople are among many businesses not previously funded under national Covid grant schemes - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Businesses run by self-employed people in Torbay are now eligible for a Covid grant to help pay their business bills, under new criteria set by Torbay Council.

Taxi drivers, web developers, tradespeople, early years and childminder settings, and driving instructors are among many businesses not previously funded under national Covid grant schemes. 

Responding to this, the council has developed its own funding criteria to help the smallest of Torbay's businesses.

Eligible businesses can claim the grant by evidencing fixed ongoing costs such as van lease, website costs or insurance.

Torbay Council leader Steve Darling said: “It is vital we support our business community in every way we can and our new discretionary grant provides a lifeline for the Bay’s smallest of businesses, not available under national Government funding criteria. 

"I will continue to find any way I can to support those most critically in need throughout this terrible time.”

Torbay Council deputy leader, Darren Cowell, said:  Businesses run by self-employed people are often the least visible, yet are essential to our economy.

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"Creative businesses, childminders, tradespeople and taxi drivers, have all suffered the impact of the pandemic, and have costs they still need to meet without enough money coming in.

"This grant along with the £8 million in grants we have already paid out, is another critical step forward to safeguard our local economy.”

Any businesses that haven’t done so already, are urged to check their eligibility and apply before March 31.