Torquay outdoor market thrives despite Covid-19 restrictions

Torquay outdoor market manager Steve HoldupTorquay outdoor market manager Steve Holdup

Torquay’s outdoor market is thriving despite the Covid-19 restrictions.

In the three weeks it has been back up and running, locals and holiday makers alike have been enjoying the varied stalls in the bottom half of the town.

Market manager Steve Holdup explained the market is operating with Government guidelines in place.

These include stalls being apart to ensure social distancing is observed.

This also means a reduced number of stalls, just 21 which is the number allowed by Torbay Council, can be in place at one time.

Also, because other events across the West Country have been cancelled where stall holders would usually operate, there is a waiting list for spaces.

Steve added: “Now holiday makers are allowed to visit, we’ve got the same level of people as last year but we will never catch up financially.”

Most people, he said, were observing precautions of social distancing while shopping.