Brixham Town Council holds first virtual meeting and creates coronavirus social emergency fund

Brixham Town Council

Brixham Town Council - Credit: Archant

Brixham town councillors have unanimously voted to create a coronavirus social emergency fund by releasing all grant monies in the council's 2020/21 budget.

Town clerk Tracy Hallett said councillors - in their first ever virtual meeting - were anxious to provide the maximum support possible from its limited budget.

'By pooling the grant support listed under various headings in this year's budget, the council made £26,500 available to organisations and groups that are supporting the most vulnerable members of our community, if needed', she said. 'We have set up a streamlined grant application form to speed up the process of releasing funding quickly.'

A Brixham Partnership has been set up to provide maximum support to the most needy or isolated members of the community and comprises a number of groups working together collaboratively to ensure speedy and effective delivery.