Berry Head coastguard team rescues one of its own members!

Picture of clifftop rescue with helicopter

The air ambulance arrives as rescue teams comfort the casualty - Credit: Berry Head Coastguards

The Berry Head Coastguard team leapt into action – to rescue one of their own team members 

The alert went out at just before 2pm on Saturday after reports that a woman with a possible dislocated hip needed help in the South Fort at Berry Head.  

Helicopter on cliff top

Touchdown for the helicopter - Credit: Berry Head coastguards

One Berry Head team member posted: “I was out for my daily exercise at Berry Head when my pager went off and quickly made my way to the casualty’s location, on the way meeting with a fellow team member who had arrived in advance of the rest of the team.  

“We made our way to the casualty’s location and were taken aback to find she was one of our fellow team members who had slipped while taking a photo and fallen awkwardly.  

“When Dave and myself arrived on scene she was leaning against the wall of a ruined building in a great deal of pain and unable to bear any weight on her right leg. 

“When the rest of the team arrived - which always seems to take an age when you’re first on scene - we came up with a plan to get her into a more comfortable position.  

“We had no ETA for an ambulance so decided we had to get her on to our Alpin-lite stretcher.  

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“We were then able to do our medical observations and cover her with gradually increasing layers as she was starting to get very cold.” 

Rescue teams treat injured woman

The rescue team keeps the woman warm - Credit: Berry Head Coastguards

The Devon Air Ambulance helicopter then arrived at the scene. 

The air ambulance medics treated the woman before transferring her on to their own stretcher and into the aircraft for the short flight to Torbay Hospital.  

Injured woman in helicopter

Safely on board the helicopter - Credit: Berry Head Coastguards