Richard's plea for help in great Brixham brewery tray hunt

Picture of man with brewery tray collection

Richard Percival in his Brewery Room - Credit: Richard Percival

Richard Percival has a passion for trays, brewery trays - from all over the country and world.  

But there’s one missing from his collection which he is especially keen to track down - from Brixham 

Richard is Britain’s leading collector of brewery trays. He also collects other pre-WW2 brewery memorabilia. 

Picture of brewery tray collection

Richard's collection - Credit: Richard Percival

He says: “My passion though is my collection of trays. I have been collecting for over 40 years and have appeared on TV on numerous occasions, my favourite being ‘Antiques Road Trip’. The collection totals about 1,500 all of which pre-date 1970. 

“Like most the British nation I am currently at home and looking for things to occupy my time. In years gone by I was a prolific writer to newspapers all over the country and I was constantly trying to trace brewery trays missing from my collection.  

“Sometimes I struck gold but mainly I hit a blank. With the virus still hitting hard I thought I’d take the opportunity to try again and see if any of your readers could help me locate an old Brixham brewery tray I have been seeking for over 30 years.” 

Richard, a retired business consultant from Rutland, adds: “Despite the size of my collection I have never come across a tray from N.P.Hunt Lakeman’s Brewery once on Fore Street.  

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“The brewery was acquired by H. & G.Simonds Ltd in 1937 with 50 public houses and ceased brewing in 1950.If a tray does exist it is most likely that it has a black back and was manufactured by Sir Joseph Causton or Hancock Corfield and Waller Ltd.” 

Picture of old beer tray

A Simonds brewery tray - Credit: Richard Percival

Another brewery that did supply the area up until its closure in 1927 was Thomas Salt & Co Ltd once of Burton-on-Trent.  

Richard says: “Quite a substantial amount of memorabilia from this brewery did survive and I’m interested in anything from this company. The Trademark of Salt’s was a red Maltese Cross which is featured on both their mirror and ashtray.” 

Old brewery mirror

A mirror from Salt's - Credit: Richard Percival

If anyone can help locate any item from the Hunt’s brewery or Salt’s brewery, especially trays, please email or phone my mobile 07715369540 or landline 01572490170.