Brave mum Sarah Louise: ‘My battle against crippling illness’

Sarah Louise Overton and husband Chris

Sarah Louise Overton and husband Chris - Credit: Archant

Proud Torbay mum Sarah Louise shares her brave battle against a crippling illness

Torbay mum Sarah Louise Overton has shared her courageous eight-year battle against a crippling illness.

In an emotional video on social media, she documented her fight with severe endometriosis, hoping to raise awareness of the condition.

Her story has a very happy ending as she and husband Chris adopted a baby boy, Harry, three years ago.

Her story has sparked a raft of responses.

Sarah said: “I didn’t expect it to have such a reaction, I have had so many messages, people have reached out.

“It is very difficult to get a diagnosis of endometriosis and the average time to diagnose is five to seven years.

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“So I wanted to raise awareness of the condition which is extremely painful and badly affects mental health.

“When I was younger I was embarrassed so I’ve used social media to get it out there.”

Now Sarah Louise, operations manager of a chain of nurseries, is a proud mum to Harry.

She said: “He has changed our lives.”

But back in 2006 it was another story when she was diagnosed with stage three cervical cancer following a routine smear test.

She underwent surgery to remove the cells and went on to graduate from university and marry Chris in 2009.

But when the couple began trying for a baby, she was diagnosed with the worst case of endometriosis her consultant had seen.

Attempts at IVF failed and her endometriosis relapsed.

Several major surgeries followed, some as emergencies, over several years, including having an illeostomy, which was later reversed, contracting sepsis and a spell in intensive care.

Eventually she was faced with no other option but to undergo a hysterectomy.

Throughout her years of suffering, she was fortunate to have great support.

In the video, she says: “I owe everything to my husband, many would have walked away but he stayed strong.

“My family have been my constant and I am so blessed with the best friends in the world.

“When things get tough remember there is always light at the end of the tunnel.”