Have a 'bimble' around and join Bay book reading challenge

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The big challenge - Credit: Submitted

A new reading challenge especially for adults has been thrown down across the Bay. 

Samantha Aldworth, team leader at Torquay Library, which is still closed at the moment, says: “The last challenging months have shown us here at the libraries, just how many people are taking up reading during stressful times. Our Choose and Collect services have proved very popular and many readers were very grateful to be able to get books during the lockdown. Reading is beneficial, not only for your knowledge but also for your mental health and loneliness.” 

She says the free reading challenge will create a Torbay reading community, where adults can get together online and share their reading stories. 

They have prepared 10 Challenges to be presented over the next 10 months. The first is to read a book with a Devon connection – it could be about Devon, set in Devon or written by a Devon author. 

Samantha says: “Readers will receive a free Reading Journal to record their book list. If the journal is returned to the library after you six books are read, they will automatically take part in a prize draw.” 

The challenge started last month but readers can join at any point. 

Sandra says: “If readers want to take a speed boat, they can have a look at all 10 challenges and start reading as much as they want. Or they can take their time and ‘bimble’ and read one book every month, after we reveal the monthly challenge on social media and via their local library.” 

Those interested are asked to email or call their Torbay library to arrange collection of the reading journal and information pack, including the full list of 10 themes. Readers can also print the challenges from www.torbaylibraries.org.uk and then collect the journal from the library when they can. 

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A Facebook group: Bay Book Bimble has also been set up.  

By the way ‘bimble’ means to walk or travel at a leisurely pace. Or a leisurely walk or journey.