Bay worker Alysa’s taste of life as a refugee

Alysa O'Connor who is taking part in a Ration Challenge

Alysa O'Connor who is taking part in a Ration Challenge - Credit: Archant

Brixham worker Alysa takes part in ration challenge to highlight plight of refugees

BRIXHAM-BASED fundraiser Alysa O’Connor is taking part in the ration challenge this week to help generate funds and awareness for the plight of refugees across the globe.

Alysa is Brixham’s member pioneer for the Co-op, which involves working with the community to bring positive change in the area.

Throughout this week, Alysa will spend seven days eating the same rations as a refugee, which includes a small amount of rice, flour, lentils, dried chickpeas, tinned sardines, tinned kidney beans, vegetable oil and water.

The Ration Challenge is designed to raise money that will help provide emergency food, hygiene kits and life-saving support to refugees. The World Food Programme is also now warning that the impact of lockdowns, job losses and disruption to aid will mean many more people facing devastating hunger.

You can show your support for Alysa and donate to the cause by visiting

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