Bay's young carers brought together by Wheel of Love

Mandala style Wheel of Love

Wheel of Love - Credit: Submitted

A remotely delivered series of workshops will bring together young carers from across Torbay to create a giant ‘Wheel of Love’. 

It will be an art piece inspired by the spiritual mandala style that will celebrate the important role they play. 

Torbay Youth Trust commissioned the project with the support of Artizan Collective CIC. 

The ‘Wheel of Love’ project, which will be delivered by visual artist and designer Shiraaz Ali, presents an opportunity for the young carers Torbay Youth Trust supports to explore their evolving role in a positive, fulfilling and collective way. 

The project is based on the Mandala, a pattern believed to be created using sacred geometry which guides the very atoms that make us and the solar system that we inhabit. The ‘Wheel of Love’ is inspired by the dedication, compassion and unconditional love inherent in caring. 

Each participant will receive a panel that forms a part of the Mandala whole and materials with which to decorate it. Through guided sessions, they’ll be given the opportunity to explore different materials, techniques and styles, before applying what they learn to their panel. 

All the panels will then be brought together to form a one and half metre wide mandala style wheel, which will go on display at Artizan Gallery and tour to other venues, before finding a permanent display with the Trust. 

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The project has also secured the support of South Devon College and the South Devon Marine Academy who will be constructing the panels and framework. 

Workshops will be delivered throughout March with the final showcase planned for later in the year outside of lockdown. Visit 

Jo Morrell, Director of the Youth Trust: “We are very grateful for the opportunity this partnership gives us to focus on hope and celebration in what has been a very difficult time.” 

Shiraaz Ali said: “I believe that the ‘Wheel of Love’ project for young carers presents the ability for them to be able to explore their evolving caring role in a positive, fulfilling and collective way.” 

Jacob Brandon, Director Artizan Collective CIC: “The value access to art can play in young peoples’ lives is immeasurable, and Torbay Youth Trust’s vision to bring this into their work supporting carers is to be celebrated.”