It's getting wetter, wetter and wetter

Rain drops falling from a black umbrella

Rain rain go away... - Credit: Getty Images

2020 in Torbay will not only go down as one of the darkest years in history due to the pandemic. It will also go down as one of the wettest. 

Figures, courtesy of Mark Baker, of Oldway, Paignton, and delivered by long-term weather observer and former deputy borough Meteorologist Mark Rowe showed total rainfall for the year was 1,235 mm or 48.6 inches. That made it the 6th wettest year in detailed records from 1892. 

The five previous wettest years all occurred from 2000, except for that of 1960. 
The wettest year of all was 2012 with 1,496mm. The yearly average for Torbay is between 800 to 900mm. Indeed, 1975 saw just under 600mm. 

In December, 2020 total rainfall was 207 mm, the wettest day being 18th with 37mm. This was the second wettest day of the year, the wettest being February 15 with 47mm. 

There have only been nine wetter Decembers and there were just three entirely dry days during the month, the 1st, 8th and 31st. 

Rainfall from December, 2020, to February, 2021, totalled 411mm, about 31 per cent more than the long-term average of 313mm