Bay schools celebrate virtual World Book Day

At Warberry, children joined meetings wearing pyjamas while snuggled up in bed, ready to listen to their teacher sharing...

At Warberry, children joined meetings wearing pyjamas while snuggled up in bed, ready to listen to their teacher sharing stories. - Credit: Warberry School

Torquay school pupils celebrated World Book Day a little differently than normal years.

Students at primary schools in the Learning Academy Partnership were invited to ‘pause and read’ at 2pm on March 4.

Staff and pupils were encouraged to stop what they are doing and read for ten minutes, as part of their celebrations, many of whom also joined in with the usual tradition of dressing up as a book character.

The team drew upon the expertise within the Ilsham English Hub, to support teachers with creating innovative ways to celebrate World Book Day remotely.

Pupils took part remotely sharing their favourite books, dressing up as favourite book characters and reading in unusual places.

Mr Jones found a very quiet space at home for the ‘pause and read’ at 2pm, escaping to his loft to read.

Mr Jones in his loft to ‘pause and read'.

Mr Jones in his loft to ‘pause and read'. - Credit: Ilsham School

The pupils loved identifying the masked readers, reading in unusual places, sharing stories, listening to their favourite stories, recreating book covers and listening to 153 authors wishing them Happy World Book Day!

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At Warberry in Torquay, they had virtual meets with their classes to celebrate the joy of reading.

Children brought along their favourite books for book talk and an opportunity to recommend their home books to their friends.

Children at Warberry celebrated the joy of reading.

Children at Warberry celebrated the joy of reading. - Credit: Warberry School

They also had cosy story times with children joining meetings wearing their pyjamas while snuggled up in bed, ready to listen to their teacher sharing stories.

At Ellacombe in Torquay, the pupils had a 'spud-tacular' day! The children took the characters from their favourite stories and transformed them from stars to starch.

Ellacombe's ‘potato parties’

Ellacombe's ‘potato parties’ - Credit: Ellacombe School

On Google hangouts, classes had ‘potato parties’ where everyone bought along their decorated potato and had lots of fun trying to figure out which story characters the children had chosen to create.

They also had virtual scavenger hunts where the children had to race to get their favourite stories, favourite blanket to snuggle up in and of course, there was the ‘potato parade’ as a finale.

Tracey Clevery, interim chief executive of the Learning Academy Partnership, said: “World Book Day is always a date in the calendar we take full advantage of, and this year has been no different.

"Despite the lockdown, we have made sure pupils are encouraged to continue their reading and develop those essential skills the need for their learning.

“I have been delighted to see our staff grip this initiative and encourage our pupils to embrace the world of reading and literature, to grow their imagination and let their minds run free.

“We are committed to supporting our pupils to deliver the very best outcomes for our pupils, and ensure they are avid readers and learners from the earliest ages.”

Emma Bone, strategic lead for Ilsham English Hub, said: “We are delighted to see so many pupils embracing World Book Day, and continue to excel in their reading and learning at this challenging time.

“I look forward to welcoming pupils back to school to continue engaging them with the wonderful work of reading.”