Our gateway to new future

Aerial picture of a former hotel site in Torquay

Cleared - the Palace Hotel site - Credit: Will Hancox/Drone Man

Torquay's Palace Hotel once stood here. Now - after almost a year - demolition teams have finally cleared the sprawling site.

The once majestic Palace is now nothing more than a distant memory from the past as the English Riviera looks forward to a new and different future.

In many ways the Palace site - which takes the eye right out to the sea - is symbolic of that future as it is made ready for a new five-star hotel, luxury spa resort and some residential development.

Torbay's tourism and hospitality sector has lost millions of pounds business in the pandemic lockdown.

But now there is some light at the end of tunnel with Boris Johnson and his roadmap detailing when, fingers crossed, tourism can open again.

Staycations will be a huge part of that as Brits decide to holiday at home rather than abroad.

James Koah, the billionaire owner of the former Palace, knows that and that is why and Martin Rogers, his man in the UK, is backing the Bay and see developments like this as the gateway to a new future 

Picture of agent developing hotels

Martin Rogers, leading the Palace and new hotel schemes in the Bay - Credit: Submitted

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