Why it’s good to work with the Torbay Weekly

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Bay Deliveries logo - Credit: Archant

Bay Deliveries is an exciting, new, local, online supermarket which brings the traditional high street direct to your door.

James Arnold of Bay Deliveries

James Arnold of Bay Deliveries - Credit: Archant

At the click of a button, you can buy all of your favourite products from your local bakers, butchers, greengrocer, cheesemonger, fishmonger as well as your essential brands such as Heinz and Kelloggs.

When the Torbay Weekly launched with a 'Covid special', our Police and Crime Commissioner Alison Hernandez described it as 'the resurrection of the print industry'.

You can understand why; a local newspaper is a brilliant way to get public service messages directly into every home.

However, why would it make sense for local businesses to work with a local paper?

For me, that's obvious: trust.

Local newspapers bring together local news, events, sport and focus on the community.

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People form a close relationship with their local paper because they trust it – they know and recognise the journalist and columnists and trust that to make it into print, the information has been reviewed, edited and verified.

Online it's a different story. Digital might be cheaper but people don't always trust that what they see online.

Plus, when we read a physical paper we engage in a different way to online where we're constantly flicking between devices and bombarded by notifications.

In a digital world, marketing students are taught that data is king, that Facebook, Instagram and digital advertising are the key to a successful career and campaign.

However, there is no other medium that allows a company to tell a longer story.

We wanted to tell the story of how we started, who we are, our commitment to Torbay both now and in the future – a tough ask for a six-second YouTube ad.

However, beyond the academic evidence consider the following:

At Bay Deliveries we have had more applications and customers from the Torbay Weekly than any other source so far.

So if your business has a local story to tell, for me, your best return may well be with the Torbay Weekly.

And no, we haven't been paid for this article.