#backherbusiness plea from cider entrepreneur Emily

Emily Alexandra wants ‘to change the cider market’

Emily Alexandra wants ‘to change the cider market’ - Credit: Archant

New start-up business owner Emily Alexandra has launched a Crowdfunding campaign in partnership with Natwest called #backherbusiness - a platform created to close the gender gap of female business owners.

It is an inspiring project for Emily, from Torquay, who has taken the journey from a single, teenage mum to an ambitious entrepreneur with a brilliant idea.

Having worked in the alcohol industry for seven years - for some of the biggest players in the industry including Diageo, Pernod Ricard and Estrella Damm - Emily has created Small Batch Cider, an innovating new brand aimed at premiumising cider with new product developments and beautiful branding.

Small Batch Cider set out to raise £5,000 on Crowdfunder to finish development and produce their first batch of cider that is going ‘to change the cider market’.

Their new products include ‘Shimmer Berry’ Cider, the first shimmering fruit cider to be released in the UK market, ‘Strawberry Blush’ a cider made from fruit juice, ‘Mulled Cider’ perfect for Christmas festivities and available in 5L servings, small enough to enjoy at home.

The branding is aimed at women, as half of cider drinkers are female and Emily says there is nothing like this on the market where women can enjoy a glass of fruit cider in a cocktail bar and feel like they are drinking something really special.

The Crowdfunder offers people rewards in return for their pledges and start from as little as £1. They include some great Christmas gift ideas, as well as the opportunity to have a case of cider delivered to your door every month for a year, along with branded gifts.

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The funding will be used for the first batch of cider to be produced, including bottles, labelling and packaging. It will also pay for a marketing and branding campaign, as well as new job roles Emily is creating, a junior marketing executive and business development executive.

Find out more by visiting www.natwestbackherbusiness.co.uk/small-batch-cider