The kids are back - and they're buzzing

Thumbs up from the kids at St Margarets

Thumbs up from the kids at St Margarets - Credit: Archant

Torquay's St Margarets Academy was a hive of activity as the kids celebrated a return to the classroom.

"The children are really excited to be back, they were bouncing at the school gates on Monday morning,” said Headteacher Tim Hughes. 
“The little ones were running into the classroom, which just captured the mood. There is a really nice buzz around the school, big smiles and children catching up with each other. 
“The teachers have made time for the children to chat with their friends and just catch up with news. 
“We have a school full of happy people, and happy parents as well. 
“For our teachers, all they want is a normal school day. We have been waiting a year for their full return and normality is the key word. 
“There was a real frustration at the end of the autumn term because we were building up some really positive momentum. 
“In January, we were geared up to go again, so the 12-hour notice for another lockdown was crushing news. 
“Fortunately, we have been able to focus a lot more on those children who are vulnerable to ensure they don’t fall too far behind. It is now all systems go for normal school life.” 
The relief and excitement for parents and children was echoed by mums Claire Roberts and Sarah Flynn, who have students in Year 4. 
“Ruby was very excited to be going back and getting the chance to be with all her friends and teachers,” said Claire Roberts. “She says it feels good to be normal again. It feels like a great step in the right direction and hopefully this is the start of good things to come.” 
Sarah Flynn added: “Josh was so excited to go back to school as he missed his friends and teachers, he was so happy to see everyone again.”