Opinion - Please tell us about Your Heroes

Captain Tom Moore Picture: Joe Giddens/PA Wire

Captain Tom Moore Picture: Joe Giddens/PA Wire - Credit: Archant

What a Naturally Inspiring story. Captain Tom Moore has captured the hearts of the nation and world in the current crisis.

The Second World War veteran cannot have imagined the reaction he was going to receive when he decided to do a rather unusual 'sponsored' walk in his garden. 'Unusual' because Tom was challenged to complete 100 laps before celebrating his 100th birthday.

He raised a few quid for NHS charities - at the time of writing almost £24million and still rising.

It is doubtful if Captain Tom's sole fund-raising will ever be matched but if you don't actually count the cash and just focus on the challenge and the achievement there are hundreds if not thousands of Captain Toms up and down the county including Torbay.

You cannot put a price on what these people are doing. They save people's lives. They make life better for struggling, vulnerable people with acts of extraordinary bravery and kindness.

They may be the doctors, nurses, and support staff risking their own lives on the NHS front line. They may be care workers or members of the emergency services working out in the community. Or teachers and other key workers ensuring the country can still operate despite all the current challenges. They may be charities, groups and organisations who are making sure people don't go hungry or feel alone and can get help and advice. They may be the fund-raisers, young and old, raising vital cash for good causes.

All these have a story to tell, a story to be told, recognised and saluted. That's where the Torbay Weekly Our Heroes campaign comes in. We want to say thanks to these extra special people and organisations. But we need you, our readers and audience, to tell us about them.

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Majestic Tours have kindly agreed to be Our Heroes campaign partners and the plan is to organise a special celebration event for all those involved once we get out of this crisis. We may even invite Captain Tom.

Please, please, tell us about and nominate your hero. Just drop us a line to torbayweeky@archant.co.uk