Appeal for £2,000 to fund Brixham war memorial artwork

The Great War artwork in Brixham

The Great War artwork in Brixham - Credit: Archant

An appeal has been launched to erect a new artwork in Brixham to mark the 75th anniversary of the end of World War Two.

Plans for the artwork

Plans for the artwork - Credit: Archant

Brixham Future CIC is a not-for-profit, micro–regeneration community group that previously delivered the World War One 'profile' artwork to mark the 100th anniversary of the Great War.

It shows the profile of a soldier, sailor, airman, sister, mother and child of the era and at the base 216 handmade poppies to represent the local lives lost in World War One.

The work, created by local artists and craftspeople, is on public display opposite Brixham bus station.

Now Brixham Future CIC wants to raise £2,000 for a similar tribute to the generation that served in World War Two to provide a pair of 'profile' artwork.

The design outline consists of the central figure of Winston Churchill flanked by a Spitfire aeroplane, a frigate, a tank and a paratrooper all representing the four services.

John Brennan, chair of Brixham Future, said: 'The World War Two profiles will reflect the outstanding leadership of Sir Winston Churchill as Prime Minister as he brought the nation together in defeating fascism across Europe. The freedom we enjoy today and much of human progress can be directly attributed to that victory. It was also a 'war of machines' and this is reflected in our proposed artwork.

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'Over 63 million people died worldwide in World War Two. Churchill himself referred to it as the 'unnecessary war'.

'It is right that we should pay this tribute to ensure future generations do not repeat the bitter lessons from history.

'In the conflict, more than 400,000 people from the British Isles were killed, including 125 from Brixham alone.'

Board member Sally Lord said: 'We are grateful to everyone who makes a donation. A display of the intended work is on show in the town hall corridor and comments are welcome.

'We hope local businesses will make this project their chosen donation as it is the 75th anniversary of the end of World War Two this year. The Brixham Lottery will be supporting the project.

'Unfortunately, we had to cancel our VE Day celebrations due to Covid-19 so we hope this project will compensate in part by marking the 75th anniversary.'