Music album celebrates history of Torbay while raising money for museum

Ian Churchward

Ian Churchward - Credit: Archant

Music and history is combining in a fascinating album produced by Ian Churchward and the Legendary Ten Seconds.

The Pageant of Torbay is a musical celebration of the rich and varied chapters in the history of Torbay, including songs on Torre Station, Riots in Torquay, the Torbay Pageant and one song entitled, The Wonderful Paignton Pudding.

“Earlier this year, I attended a lecture at Torquay Museum about a pageant that took place in Torquay in 1924,” said Ian. “I had never heard about this pageant, even though I’ve lived in Torbay virtually all my life.

“We recorded two songs about the pageant and I then thought it would be fun to write an album about the history of Torquay.

“The virus has given me a lot more time to write songs and when going out for more walks, I spotted more things relating to Torquay history.”

Ian, 59, has spent much of his professional life as a bank clerk but he has been playing in bands for the past four decades. One previous band, The Morrisons, featured on John Peel’s Radio One show.

As well as this latest album, Ian has produced a number of historical records, with a particular dedication to King Richard III.

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“I have been recording songs with ‘The Legendary Ten Seconds’ for around 15 years and various musical friends have helped me with recordings,” said Ian.

“I went through a phase of producing songs based around Richard III and the War of the Roses.

“There was a lot of interest in Richard III when his grave was discovered in Leicester and the songs evolved into an album, which soon spiralled into five albums on that period of history.

“I was then approached by the Mortimer History Society to write an album and their patron is John Challis, the actor who played Boycie in Only Fools and Horses. He was also involved with the album.”

The Pageant of Torbay will be raising money to help Torquay Museum and a copy of the album can be bought in the museum gift shop.