Adding sales to the Ridgewater portfolio

The sales division at Ridgewater Property

The sales division at Ridgewater Property - Credit: Ridgewater

Ridgewater Sales & Lettings has not always been living under its current name. 
The sales department was introduced in 2018 and a measure of the fantastic progress the business has made over the past decade, under the stewardship of Director Neil Tozer and his team of Local. Independent. Experts. 
When Daniel Hobbin joined the team as a new Director three years ago, the sales division was launched and Ridgewater now have a superb portfolio of properties on the market. 
“We launched the sales side of Ridgewater Property around three years ago and Daniel Hobbin is our Sales Director,” said Neil.  
“We were exclusively a lettings agency for the first seven years of Ridgewater and it only changed when Dan applied for a job with the company. We felt his skills would be wasted on that initial job and we also knew that our plans to expand the business would be perfect for him.  
“Dan actually bought into the business and became a Director of Ridgewater. His remit was to establish the sales side of Ridgewater and he has done amazing things for the business. 
“It is always a slight leap of faith when you open a new branch to any business but we could not be more thrilled with how our sales division has grown, helping us to now evolve with sites in Preston and Babbacombe. 
“We take pride in taking people through the whole process of selling and buying a new property. For those customers that sell their property through us, we will also help them with decisions on buying a new home, even if that property is with another agent. 
“We are obviously not the only agent in Torbay and while we hope people think we are the best option to help them sell their house, we might not have the new property you want to buy. 
“It is our job to help with every step of the journey, selling and buying.”   
If you are looking for a new home or just want to sample the type of property in the Ridgewater family, pay a visit to and enjoy some fabulous Torbay homes.