A record of action: A promise of more 

Alison Hernandez PCC candidate

Alison Hernandez, PCC candidate - Credit: Alison Hernandez

Alison Hernandez: Conservative candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner

I have been the commissioner representing the people of Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly since May 2016.

Since I set my first budget, we have had the largest investment for 498 police officers, with 317 already recruited.  

We have also become the second lowest crime rate area in the country. We have sustained this for a few years, but we all want us to be number one and I can only do it with your help by voting for me on May 6. Less crime means less victims and safer communities. 

I understand your frustrations around anti-social behaviour, drug dealing and road safety. 

As a result, my office has funded street marshals, CCTV expansion, increased the capacity of the roads policing team, support and scrutinise proactive stop and search to take drugs and weapons off our streets and, of course, recruiting more police officers.

I now want to help you better access policing, cut crime further and increase visible policing to keep us all safer. 

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We need to become intolerant to violence too both on the streets and in our homes to ensure we break the cycle of violence and crime.

This is why I have established, with the chief constable, the serious violence prevention programme focused on our home-grown violence.

We have become the sixth lowest violent crime rate area in the country but there is still plenty to do.

I promise to: 

  • re-open police front offices – Newquay police station has already re-opened. Tiverton is next. Please let me know which station you’d like to see re-opened by completing my survey online: https://www.alisonhernandez.co.uk/campaigns/re-opening-police-station-front-desks  

  • increase police officers on foot patrol – with 498 extra police officers funded we now need their visibility on our streets, not just in a car but on foot 

  • a step change in road safety – I already have a plan to secure external investment in road safety and better support communities suffering from dangerous drivers. We as a community need to continue to be intolerant of speeding, using a mobile phone and drink/drug driving and our community speedwatch volunteers now need greater support from policing 

  • tackle dog theft – working with MPs to secure harsher penalties and improve the recording of this devastating crime. The current penalty is up to seven years imprisonment but this is never given through the courts 

  • cut crime in our hotspots – securing extra resources from the Government for Plymouth already, then Exeter and Torbay. This is to create safer streets and fairness to our tax payers of the rest of Devon who luckily do not have the levels of crime in the large cities but pay towards policing in the same way 

  • continue supporting our rural communities– I have introduced a rural affairs and wildlife crime team helping crimes get reported and investigated better. They organise ‘green’ patrols with the local policing teams where there are resident concerns 

  • tackle unauthorised encampments – I have shared with the Home Secretary resident concerns about the community impact and cost to our area of these encampments. They give an unfair negative image of the vast majority of travellers who abide by the law. I support the government in creating a criminal offence of residing in a vehicle on land without permission and will scrutinise the police effort in dealing with it once it has passed through Parliament.

If you’d like to contact me - website: alisonhernandez.co.uk; Facebook: alison4dcpcc; Twitter: @alisonhernandez; Instagram: alisonhernandez99901; LinkedIn: alisonher; telephone: 01392 459808

Promoted by Lucille Baker on behalf of Alison Hernandez, both of 27a Gandy Street, Exeter, EX4 3LS