£19 million and still raising - Torbay Hospital League of Friends need your help

Torbay Hospital League of Friends

Torbay Hospital League of Friends - Credit: Archant

The Torbay Hospital League of Friends has so far raised £19million. It is determined to reach its next target - with your help

The League has an enviable record of giving to Torbay Hospital stretching back to when it was first started in 1954. Since then we have raised the staggering total of over £19million.

In the days of old a request from the hospital for funding for equipment costing a few thousand pounds was a significant bid but now a significant bid is something over £1million – and we have received requests for sums in excess of £1million five times during the last 20 odd years with another £1million request (for the new Emergency Department) currently in the pipeline.

As we are all volunteers and do not employ a professional fundraiser we are able to keep costs to an absolute minimum enabling on average 95p in every £1 raised to be donated back to the Hospital

The Trustees recently held their first meeting since March when they learned of the full impact of the pandemic on its fundraising.

The hospital requested that we equip the recent brand-new state of the art ICU above the new Level 4 entrance which cost the League £1.4million and we are proud to have been able to achieve this.

The Hospital is now about to start the building of the new ED which will cost it about £31million. Again, we have been asked to equip the new premises at a cost of between £1.25million and £1.5million. We are determined to meet this request in full.

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We have been very lucky to have had the help and support from a wide variety of clubs, associations and individuals who have been both innovative in the way they have raised money.

Please therefore know that although we may not appear to be active, we are still very much alive and kicking and working very hard to raise as much money as we can - all designed to make our hospital one of the best in the country.

If you have a project to raise money then please do not hesitate to contact secretary Philip White on 01803 – 298170 or pfvwhite@gmail.com. Donations can be made in all kinds of ways including donations on line through our website – www.thlof.co.uk. Alternatively, please consider becoming a member of the League – again all details can be found on our website.